Unleashing Creativity:
A Showcase of My Endeavors

Here is a compilation of my pursuits and ventures.

Many of these projects are open-source, so feel free to check out the code if anything captures your attention. Don't hesitate to reach out if you have any ideas for improvement.

  • Seedchain

    Cryptocurrency Finance Flask Python Solidity Stocks Tailwind CSS

    Where visionaries and creators can fuel their projects, passions, and endeavors with the transformative force of decentralized blockchain funding.


  • Titres

    Game Java Java Swing OOP

    Titres, a tetris/tetr.io clone made for an ICS4U assignment. Created using Java Swing by Brian Yan and Aaron Zhang.


  • Personal Website

    Alpine.js Astro Web Framework Tailwind CSS

    Responsive personal website (This one!) built with performance in mind. Lighthouse Performance Score of 100/100. Rewrite of previous website which used PHP, Mysql, and Bootstrap. Hosted on Github Pages.

  • Competitive Programming

    Algorithms C++ Data Structures Java Python

    Competitive programming on DMOJ, Codeforces, and Atcoder.

  • Coderlab

    C++ Data Science Java Jquery Math MySQL PHP Python Tailwind CSS

    A not-for-profit coding lab for coders to get connected and involved by incubating ideas, executing projects, and studying computer science, data science, math and access resources.


  • VisionCraft.ai

    Flask Generative AI Google App Engine IPFS Next.js OpenAI PyPDF Python Roboflow Tailwind CSS YOLOv3

    Reducing tech waste through deep-learning-powered generative AI


  • Summazon

    Generative AI LLM Next.js Playwright Python React Vercel Web Scraping

    Helping buyers navigate through the sea of products and make informed purchases more easily.


  • Credit Card Fraud Detection

    AI NumPy Python Regression sklearn

    Using machine learning to detect credit card fraud.


  • Blob Bounce

    Game HTML Canvas Javascript Matter.js Moment.js

    2d platformer where you control a blob.


  • Parallelize

    Graph Theory Javascript Tailwind CSS

    Parallelize is a task visualizer that helps you keep track of your tasks in projects for increased parallel productivity.


  • Lighthouse

    Chrome Extension Javascript Tailwind CSS

    Boost productivity with a Chrome extension that enables soft and hard block capabilities to eliminate all distracting websites.


  • Pong

    Game Java Java Swing

    Pong game made with Java Swing for an ICS4U assignment.


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